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Shlomit Heymann,
Adobe InDesign Middle Eastern Version, Training & Professional Graphic Layout

NEW! LIVE ONLINE TRAINING with Screen Sharing technology
1 ON 1 Conference call training with Skype, iChat (mac) or ShowMyPC (mac, windows)

Adobe InDesign is the only Graphic Layout application that gives fully support for Hebrew – Right to Left direction and Nikud (Hebrew Diactritics).

I'm an expert in various fields:

Desktop Publishing
20 years of experience in DTP, creating books, catalogs, News-Papers, magazines and all printed media, which taught me to get familiar with problems related to multi-lingual text (Hebrew+other languages) and to find the optimal solutions for increasing efficiency of large text documents.

InDesign Instruction and Support Adobe Creative Suit (all CS versions)
While I was working at "Karat Israel LTD." (primary Adobe Distributors in Israel), I've instruct hundreds of users who acquired Adobe InDesign, translate Installation guides and User Guides to Hebrew or wrote them from scratch as well as QA for Hebrew implementation in Adobe application.

Recent Activities:
InDesign Instructor at HIT Academy (Holon Institute of Technology), Prog (Design school for the orthodox community), Privet customers and Graphic Layout for all printed media.
(click here to see my projects list).

For questions, price offers and others, please contact me at idme@017.net.il.

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